Ready to Learn Mandarin Chinese?

Hello, I am currently working on my new website to help you to learn chinese. Learn more then 6000 words and 4500 sentences in Chinese, learn how to read, to speak, to write. I prepare dictations, reading examples, exercises and HSK1, HSK2, HSK3 online Tests. Furthermore over 200 lessons to help you to learn all the words from HSK 1 – 4 and usefull sentences for your daily life.

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How to start to use this website?

  1. Remember the name of the Website: If you think that’s to long, here’s your shortcut:
  2. Learn the Chinese pronunciación – Pinyin – List of 1640 syllables.
  3. Start to learn your first chinese sentence: I love you. – in Chinese. Once you finished this one, just continue, I have already 4500 sentences on the website, half of them with recorded audio files (mp3)
  4. Start to learn your first chinese words: Love – in Chinese. Once you are done, click on “next” and learn more than 6000 words, almost 5000 with audio recordings.
  5. Check out the every day growing List of chinese measure words (classifiers) you will need them all the time.
  6. Here y can have a look on 183 chinese radicals – most of them with audio
  7. Currently I am working on a Chinese Course with 220 lessons, be ready to start soon!
  8. I am preparing Email classes, so very soon you can learn much of the stuff of the website via Email.
  9. There is a great tool to learn to write chinese Characters – check it out here.
  10. If you like Podcasts – check this one.

See you soon!


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