Mandarin Chinese Course - Level 1

1. Lesson: Hello, I, you, student, teacher
2. Lesson: What's your name?
3. Lesson: My mum and my dad.
4. Lesson: Telling your age
5. Lesson: Who are you?
6. Lesson: How old are you?
7. Lesson: Love, happy and beautiful
8. Lesson: What are you learning?
9. Lesson: Let's go to school or sleep.
10. Lesson: What date is it today?
11. Lesson: What time is it?
12. Lesson: What day of the week is it?
13. Lesson: Buy clothes in a shop.
14. Lesson: Morning, noon, afternoon, evening
15. Lesson: How's the weather today?
16. Lesson: Taxi, Airplane and Trainstation
17. Lesson: I like to buy books.
18. Lesson: What do you want to eat?
19. Lesson: What do you want to drink?
20. Lesson: Do you like dogs or cats?
21. Lesson: Do you speak Chinese?
22. Lesson: I see my classmates.
23. Lesson: She is a doctor in a hospital.
24. Lesson: Where are you? Where do you go?
25. Lesson: When do you come to China?
26. Lesson: Do you like to watch TV?
27. Lesson: There is a book on the table.
28. Lesson: She has a daugher and a son.
29. Lesson: Useful words and short phrases
30. Lesson: Make a phone call
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