Mandarin Chinese Course - Level 2

1. Lesson: Eating: fish, watermelon, egg, beef
2. Lesson: Travel by bike, taxi and airplane
3. Lesson: Last year. this year, now and yesterday
4. Lesson: Health, illness and medecine
5. Lesson: Younger sisters and older brothers
6. Lesson: Soccer, swimming, Basketball, running ...
7. Lesson: New newspaper, exam and class
8. Lesson: Let's sing a song and dance
9. Lesson: Cell phone and wrist watch
10. Lesson: Colors: red, white and black
11. Lesson: Left side and right side
12. Lesson: Is it correct or wrong?
13. Lesson: Today is my birthday!
14. Lesson: I am very busy in my company.
15. Lesson: How many hours have you studied?
16. Lesson: Class room and private room
17. Lesson: What time did you get up?
18. Lesson: Ask a question
19. Lesson: Prepare for the exam
20. Lesson: Can you give me 2000 RMB?
21. Lesson: Tell me where you want to go.
22. Lesson: From here to there, far or close
23. Lesson: Ask for the meaning of a word
24. Lesson: Buy a kilogram of tea
25. Lesson: Please wait and help me
26. Lesson: Compare things, prohibit things
27. Lesson: Different chinese particles
28. Lesson: Woman and man, wife and husband
29. Lesson: Getting up and having breakfast
30. Lesson: Laughing about something funny
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