Mandarin Chinese Course - Level 3

1. Lesson: Chinese Grammar: bei - sentences
2. Lesson: Mathematics, dictionary and languages
3. Lesson: Hat, trousers, pants and skirt
4. Lesson: A while, the same and definitely
5. Lesson: Continously, at the same time, music
6. Lesson: Be late and get angry
7. Lesson: The seasons of the yeras
8. Lesson: The hair, the nose and the ears
9. Lesson: Is Chinese difficult or easy?
10. Lesson: Office, coworkers and my boss
11. Lesson: Going to a restaurant in China
12. Lesson: Chinese kitchen and cakes
13. Lesson: Bread, noodles, meat and rice
14. Lesson: Before and after, suddenly
15. Lesson: Fat, thin, small and low
16. Lesson: The weather in China
17. Lesson: Remember, worry and agree
18. Lesson: Chinese culture and holidays
19. Lesson: Practise, review and prepare for class
20. Lesson: Chinese neighbors and guests
21. Lesson: Take the metro or ride a bike
22. Lesson: Are you intelligent or famous?
23. Lesson: Bird, horse and other animals
24. Lesson: Chinese Market, Library and Museum
25. Lesson: Or - in a question or statement
26. Lesson: Chinese camera and pictures
27. Lesson: North, South, East and West
28. Lesson: The nearest or closest hospital
29. Lesson: Grandmother, what big teeth you have got!
30. Lesson: Climb mountains in China
31. Lesson: Chinese flower garden and parks
32. Lesson: You have to wash your ass
33. Lesson: I catched a cold, my head hurts
34. Lesson: Planning the weekend
35. Lesson: This is very strange
36. Lesson: Your country, your passport
37. Lesson: Colors: yellow, blue, green, red
38. Lesson: Marry somebody: gifts and wishes
39. Lesson: News, history and fairy tales
40. Lesson: Send an Email, must / should
41. Lesson: The city and the river
42. Lesson: I remember everybody except ...
43. Lesson: Method and usage, think or feel
44. Lesson: A very good opportunity
45. Lesson: Express and indicate somthing
46. Lesson: Buying an electrical bicycle
47. Lesson: Believe and trust or check / inspect
48. Lesson: Raise and improve, be serious about
49. Lesson: Pay attention to my clear voice
50. Lesson: Different chinese measure words
51. Lesson: To be passionate about something
52. Lesson: Earlier or later than expected
53. Lesson: Leave some place, close a shop
54. Lesson: What did Newton discover?
55. Lesson: Make some chinese dumplings
56. Lesson: Describing persons on a picture
57. Lesson: How much do you know about China?
58. Lesson: Chinese grammar: ba - sentences
59. Lesson: About, to finish, something is happening
60. Lesson: Ready to finish HSK Level 3?
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